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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sopwith Joins the Piratey Squadron

I completed the Sopwith build today! She is ginormous and gorgeous!

Turns out the motor at full extension, mounted through the front of the motor mount so that the motor shaft accepted the collette, came up short. I would have to order a longer adapter collette, and use some spacers for the prop to clear. I hated that idea... so I gave it some thought and this is how I ended up having to engineer it. What dya' know, it worked perfectly! I reversed the motor and the motor mount, added some spacers, and installed the bolt-on prop adapter, so that the motor extends beyond the motor mount, which is the limiting factor getting the motor shaft to extend beyond the cowl. Problem solved.

This morning  found that all the O-rings that act as shock absorbers in the landing gear had snapped. They were old and brittle, so I wasn't surprised. Replaced them with some I had for a prop saver.

Xoar wood electric prop installed. Sweet! How about that red band on the cowl, eh?

This was annoying, though given why this happened, I could accept the problem. In the early kits you had to make the stay wires yourself from supplied materials. Mine were all cut to length, and joined with their connectors. In the plans, the attachment to the fuse is where the two small holes are drilled aligned with the tail skid. Well, the pre-made wires don't allow that point, and had to be installed further towards the nose, where those second holes are. Came out very nice indeed!

Top view. Forgot to get the bottom view...

Laying out the main wing stay wires and attaching the wing.

Wow, simple to install the stay wires! I was quite pleased not to have to make each wire...

Close up of the mock motor and cowl.

I thought the stock pilot figure looked dead... I liked this tougher guy better!

Later when I do take her outside, I'll get some nice photos. All done, huge! Excited to fly her!

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