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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dusting off my Helis!

Wow... I haven't flown a heli since I crashed the Erazor 450 back in July! Has it been that long? Today was a blustery day (winds to 20 mph, gusts much higher, but beautiful skies...) so I decided to work on the helis. I went through my dead helis. I ordered the Hitec HS 85MG servo for the HDX 500SE (parts are getting hard to find...) and some EXI D213f digital metal gear servos for my heli backups. Then I started the Erazor rebuild by taking her apart... I scavenged a D213f servo and a really good Hitec HS 5084MG tail servo from the dead 250 (I don't plan to rebuild her anytime soon). I will be installing an Align GP 780 gyro I recently purchased, to replace the Futaba 601. I am going all MEMS from here on out. She still has the Spektrum AR6100 receiver on her, and her ExceedRC Proton 40A ESC. I replaced the Erazor tail tube with an EXI one, but have ordered some Dynam Erazor tubes should I have to replace it again. The Erazor canopy is toast, the replacement way over priced, so I will be using a slightly longer Tacon 450 canopy.

This is how she has looked since the crash in July...

Stripped, rebuilt the tail and tail tube, installed a replacement main gear for the stripped one, rebuilt the rotor head and replaced the feathering and main shaft. Need to replace the bad elevator servo, re-install the ESC, re-install the rotor head, fine tune the tail and secure the boom, then setup the blades and CCPM.

I am pretty excited about getting back into my helis. I plan to spend a lot more time on the Phoenix sim, and this time I hope to see some strong progression in my skills. Hopefully I will fly the Erazor next week. I also purchased a BeastX Flybarless system for my 4 blade EXI 450. Next week I plan to work on it and on the HDX 500 SE. I am excited!

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  1. Cool, so you are an instructor pilot now? I want to send G and Manny out still, sometime, to watch you guys fly.