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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dynam C-47 Skytrain from Nitroplanes

Wow... all I can say is, wow... Not really, there'a a whole lot to say about this amazing model! Yesterday I maidened the Dynam C-47 Skytrain from Nitroplanes whose build I outlined earlier. This model is a crowd pleaser. She looks spectacular on the ground and in the air, flies gracefully and so scale like, but can easily perform basic aerobatics. Solid construction, wicked easy build, and a completely unbelievable price for the receiver ready ARF!

I am flying her with a single 3S 2200 25C battery and a Spektrum AR6100 receiver. She gives me an easy 8 minutes of scale flying. When I set her up I wanted a touch of nose heavy CG. She, however, did not. Nor did she appreciate my lack of attention to detail in missing that the right aileron was deflecting up at mid stick. On her maiden she took off, came out of ground effect and went all psycho on me! This thing is supposed to be docile! Several times I nearly crushed her miserably until I figured out I needed to hold her nose up, power back and left aileron to keep her level, then I nearly lost her as she flew off into the distance when I was psychologically reluctant to turn her having just got her wings level and in controlled flight. I manged to turn her back inbound and I brought her in for a squeaker of a sweet landing. It was kinda nice, having everyone start yelling supportive (and good) advice as I fought to control her, and cheering me when I finally landed her. Thanks guys!

I removed the 3/4 oz nose weight, fixed the aileron and took her up again. This time it was breathtaking, smooth, sweet and just a pleasure to fly! The video below is her third flight. I included the entire, shortened flight, since I don't have any other video of me doing a complete flight. Today I flew her again and she showed the same docile habits, giving me and the crowd the same enjoyable flight. I added flaperons today which dramatically improved (slowed) her sink rate as I pulled the power back on final approach to landing.

Thanks to Steve Burton for doing the video work using my phone's camera. Enjoy!

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