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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The shiny came of Kenny's Edge

It was bound to happen. Kenny Chandler treated his Seagull edge like a princess. She was always pampered, and he would fly her only when he felt the mojo to make sure she got his best. His hands would shake after a close moment in a flight. It would take him sometime and a couple of cigarettes for his nerves to settle. This from a guy whom it takes a lot to shake. We have all been there.

And anyone who has flown has been here... Yesterday Kenny had a head-wedged moment, and took the shiny right off the Edge. On final he thought, for who knows what reason, that he was upside down, and rolled her over. He pulled back on the stick and planted her firmly in the trees. Yup, one of those, "what the hell was I thinking????" moments we have all had and wished we could get a do-over for.

Kenny sent me these before and after repair pics. Here's after the crash, before the repair.

And here's after the repair...

Kenny did what he could with what he had on hand as he wanted to get her flying again. Looks like he did a pretty good job! He thinks its ugly now (not shown is the canopy which apparently took a hit too), but he'll get the right cote and make it better soon. He took her ot this morning and she flew like nothing had ever happened, the proof in the flying!

Now that the shiny is off I think he will fly her even better, since he's no longer afraid of hurting her shiny!

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