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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eflite Pulse XT Build Part 2

Part 1 done yesterday. Today I wanted to get the wing epoxied together, and get the cowl and air vent (not pictured) done.

After taping the adjoining edges with painter tape, I used 60 minute epoxy on the wing joiner, and then on the adjoining wing surfaces. I will remove the tape for nice clean surfaces. I used rubber bands to force the wing halves together, and the clamp at the end to ensure they join flat and flush. The wing joiner inside the wing keeps the front part flush and level. 

52" of lift surface, baby!

I read a post by one of the designers of this plane in regards to suggestions that the wing needs to be strengthened at the joint. He said that when the wing is joined in accordance with the manual (attached to the plane), some did not come tightly together, held apart a bit by the screws. He recommended NOT doing  it per the manual, but joining them off the fuse ensuring they join tightly. He notes that the joiner when properly epoxied joins each wings main spar into one large spar, and that the wing is solid and strong. I am still debating what I am going to do... In the meantime I used my CA edge method and cut the fiberglass cloth to fit, in case I decide to do it. The piece on the left is cut, the right one is ready to be cut. I found that the cloth did not stick to wax paper I set up the CA on. Nice.

I did decide to fill the landing gear box with Gorilla Glue. Its an expanding polyurethane foam glue that is as strong as, well, a Gorilla. I flooded the box with about 1/4" and you can see the hump of the foam through the middle hole. The two pegs are bamboo pegs I screwed into the landing gear nuts to keep the glue in the box and out of the screw holes.

Canopy is in place, landing gear reattached, sweet!
Tomorrow I will install the aileron servos and if I decide to glass the wing, I'll do that. Otherwise I'll be attaching the wing, completing the build.

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