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Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Day, New ESC, New Problem

From our Its-Always-Something Department.

I removed the Hobbywing FunFly 100A HV ESC from the MX-Bach, and installed it on the Trex 600 EFL. Programmed it, installed, and ran perfectly. I noticed the the tail/rudder range of motion was far short of the end points. So I put the SpektrumAR7200BX into program mode, looked to program fine, but the endpoints still weren't being met. The servo works fine. Its set properly in the BeastX: 333hz and 1520ms centering pulse. I reinstalled the new firmware using StudioX. I've tired rebinding, and have reprogramed the BeastX several times. I changed the control horn to the disc that came in from Amainhobbies yesterday, set at the center most hole for the ball (its a mm or 2 closer to center). Nothing. Monday I'll contact ech support.

UPDATE (10/2/16): Well, I figured it out... Last night as I fell to sleep I realized I hadn't turned the GYRO on in the DX8. This morning I checked, and I had not, it was set INHIBIT. I turned it to ON and set it at 35%. Voila! I now have full rudder authority.

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