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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Align Trex 600 FBL Pro Flight Ready!

This morning I solved the rudder authority issue (I had failed to turn the GYRO on and set it... it was on INHIBIT).  Without the blades, I put in the 12S and gave her a slow start up run to let the gears learn to love each other, took her to full and nothing flew off, took her to about 80% and let her run, all of the odd screeches and noises settled down, nothing smoked. I checked the balance weight on the two tail blades, installed them and spun her up for vibration and authority check, and there be a LOT of power there. Balanced the Align blades (usually spot on, needed a touch of tape) and installed them.

She is now ready for her maiden!

Trex 600e Pro, Trex 600EFL Pro, Trex 500e FBL (HK)

Clean workbench, time to start the 26cc Waco!

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  1. Lovely looking machines. I really need to get myself a decent heli again.. tired of and bored with the little CB180 I bought myself to get my hand back into heli flying.