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Thursday, October 27, 2016



Cody at Spektrum/Horizon sent me a new unit and I installed it today. At first it had all the same problems. I could not get through the Gain range of motion stage. Nothing I tried again, worked. I called tech support, and a new guy tried, but quickly set me up to talk to Cody, who was out for the day.

I was annoyed...  why is this so hard?

For some reason I thought, what if the MODEL in the DX8 was somehow corrupted? I decided on this whim to set up a whole new MODEL in another slot. I went thought the program steps and was stunned when I flicked the FMODE switch, and got a SOLID BLUE LIGHT! It had accepted the switch!

It looks like the surfaces are all moving in the right directions as I programmed in. I am tired, so will recheck them again later.

I sent Cody an email about this success and asked what the GREEN-WHITE-PURPLE mean as I move the FMODE switch through 0-1-2. Are they RATE MODE-OFF-HOLD MODE? Or is it ON-OFF-PANIC RECOVERY? There is supposed to be a PANIC RECOVERY mode. If so, is that how the PANIC MODE accessed? What exactly does the PANIC MODE do?  You would think these sorts of things would be in the manual, but no....

I am pretty psyched. I will maiden her the first good weather I get!

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