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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Heli Maintenance Day

Spent the early afternoon changing the feathering shaft and dampers on the Trex 600e Pro and retuning the CCPM, on the Trex 500 (HK) replacing the main blades and the badly bent main shaft. Realizing as I write that I should have checked the feathering shaft too, oh well. I also sought to reproduce the uncommanded right roll, but it didnt come up. I decided to recheck the BeastX programming and made a few adjustments including finding that the Point J geometry test failed, so as I did on the Trex 600 FBL, I moved the ball links in and voila, it gave me the blue light of happiness!

Both the existing 600e and 500FBL are flight ready again. Later this afternoon I will pull the Hobbywing FunFly 100A HV ESC from the MX-Bach and get the Trex 600FBL flight ready.

Trex 600e Pro. Nailed the 0 pitch both sides.

Trex 500e (Hobby King Frame) is ready! Hope I have solved the uncommanded roll issue.

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