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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Phoenix Waco F5C Mostly Done!

A third build day. The Turnigy NiMH Receiver and Ignition packs arrived, as did the fuel dot and vent, and the switches. Still waiting for the RCEXL remote engine cut. I installed them, and the manual choke, and made an access hole in the cowl to allow me to tune the engine needles without removing the cowl, and I completed the plumbing of the fuel system. Just because, I installed the lower wings. In the process I realized I didn't take the wing securing bolt into account when I installed the switches, which is exactly over it...  I was trying to keep the switch out from under the top wing. I got the right wing on after a lot of pissing, gnashing of teeth trying to access the bolt, but did not rise to cussing. I don't intend to remove the wings if I can avoid it. Having all the control electronics in I bound the receiver and programmed the servos and DR/Expo in the DX8. These surfaces have a whole lot of range of motion, so I toned the aileron limits down to 80%, and max rate is 80% of that. Still scary range of motion. With both upper and lower wing ailerons, this thing is going to have some roll authority.

Large bay, very filled. Stressing about CG as I don't want to add any weight with that big 26cc engine up front. Moved everything I can into the bay and out from the cowl.

LOVE that wide stable stance!

I like big butts and I cannot lie! Look at that tail!

The top wing sits quite forward. The cabanes insert at the very front of the bay, so the top wing will sit at least 1/3 to 1/2 a chord forward of the lower wing, and I think the top wing has a longer chord. I plan to wait until I get the remote cut installed and have full access to the bay. I am loving the beautiful, plain red. I am thinking of putting black darts on the underside of the wing, but the problem with red is it too turns black in low light, so not sure if it will improve orientation. Maybe white ones?  I could have started the motor, but I am in no rush.

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  1. I predict a high level of enjoyment with this one... I wouldn't be at all surprised if she was capable of a bit of knife edge as well.