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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dead Castle Phoenix Edge HV 80 ESC

As you know I've been building the Trex 600 EFL I put parts together for almost 2.5 years ago. I am almost done, and today installed the Spektrum AR7200BX FBL/Receiver system, the BEC, and set up the programming (more on that later).

I then pulled the new-in-box Castle Phoenix Edge HV 80 ESC from its box, and installed the connectors on both ends. I then attached the Castle Programming Card, and used a single 6S battery, and... nothing. I tried a 12S and nothing. I downloaded the latest version of the Castle Link software and connected it to the ESC via computer, and nada. I used the Castle Program Card and connected the USB to the computer, nada. I used the Castle Link Connector to the ESC and computer, and still nada. I had already bound the receiver, so I plugged in the ESC as if for flight, and when I connected the battery as 12S, nada, no tones, no response to throttle. This ESC is non-functioning right out of the box. I have beenusing the same ESC on my other 600 for years, and its worked fine (it came with it).

I wasn't going to go with Castle, after hearing and seeing some spectacular fires, but I had heard on the blogs and Helifreak that they had pretty much become a thing of the past (though a SNHRCC member just flamed one and a plane a couple of months ago). This is disappointing.

I've submitted a repair request to Castle, so we'll see what happens (called, but they had closed). I don't have the receipt (a couple of moves, one loses things). It may be a $170 brick...

The only other issue is that in programming the BeastX at Point J where you set 6 degrees of aileron input and it determines the adequacy of the geometry, I got a fault (red or purple light). This is fully stock in set up, and the geometry is fine, so I have no idea how to address this. Working on it.
- UPDATE (9/29/16): Had some time last night and went back, moved the control balls on the pitch and aileron servos from the outer point to the inner point and got the blue light of happiness. Curious how that little change made a difference.

Sitting pretty, waiting for the Castle ESC issue to resolve.

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