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Thursday, September 8, 2011

All looks, no action...

Sweet looking Green Model RC/Powerline Hobbies Super Cub after the repairs to the crushed front end, taken this past Tuesday. I added a new cowl, a modified Parkzone Mini Cub cowl split on the bottom.  I fired her up, rolled her out and she promptly nosed up and rolled hard right into the ground. Just like before. I had put in some right vector, maybe I need a little more down, but she has a lot of down... a lot. The second try bent the gear and I had enough so I put her away. I will straighten out the gear when I feel like wasting flying time. I put another washer in pushing the vector a little more right. I will fix the gear later and try again. I love/hate Cubbies... Here's a pic before the flight.

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