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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Warner Field, SNHRCC, Hudson, NH

Southern New Hampshire RC Club, flies from on top of an old landfill, at the end of Old Landfill Road, in Hudson, New Hampshire. Its a bit of a drive from my home, about 23 miles, while the Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles field in Merrimack, NH is about 9 miles from home. But its mostly freeway, so it takes about 30 min.

It was a drizzly and occasionally rainy day today, but the winds were calm in Hudson, and when they came up it was a nice crosswind from the east, consistently. I drove out, expecting to be the only one out there, and I was. It was perfect for me to get used to the field's edges, and how the aircraft look as they make approaches from the different directions. This pic is from the inner gate, on the road that winds up to the top of the landfill, up there.

Drizzly. Looking over at the West runway, electric and gliders.

Looking North. I am parked in the area between the runways.

The Alpha on the field looking to the south, on the East side runway, gas/glow and electrics on this side. This side is more expansive and just seems to go on, and on. The grass needs cutting and the field is pretty clumpy. The grass took the paint off the prop of the 30cc sized MX-Bach.

Standing on the runway, looking east.

Mud day. This is after the first flight. By the time I was done it was dripping in thick mud.  All of them were.

The Twinstar. I flew her 3S, and not unexpectedly she flies lighter. 4S and she's heavy but flies well. I prefer the 3S, but need to get more than 2200 mAh, as that flies about 5-6 min. The 4S is a 3300 mAh and gave me more than 10 min. The front gear that bent so easily on the first Twinstar also bent easily in the clumpy grass at Warner.

The 30cc sized 10S electric MX-Bach. The Sbach wing has the same bad habit of stalling in slow turns on approaches and dropping the inboard wing suddenly and sharply, even with flaperons set up. I ordered some L angle Styrene to make vortex generators, and will make those and install them in the near future. It will be interesting to see if this bad habit is fixed, or I will just have to make those sharp turns at speed.  You can see the missing paint on the prop. Will need to repaint and re-balance.

I flew all of these! I left 2 4S batteries and one 3S battery unused in the box. One of the 3S batteries, a blue Turnigy one, decided to increase its internal resistance into the useless zone, but other than that, this is 2.5 hours of flying one after another.

I prefer this field. I like the openness and visibility. The runways need grass work (I wish I could find those fields you always see in the mags with the putting green grass smoothness...). The club knows this and is working on a plan. Long approaches from both ends, more so from the north, and I prefer flying on the east gasser side. Merrimack is nice, especially with the geo-tex runway, but the entire flight is flown above the tree line that creates the hole you fly out of. Nasty steep approaches from the south, and tight approaches from the north, in Merrimack. I do like being there though, so will likely keep memberships at both fields for now. I liked having the aircraft back in front of me again, like I enjoyed at MCRCC in Gulfport, MS, where I learned to fly.

It was an awesome, rainy day, all by myself.

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