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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Great flying and amazing luck...

I got out to Warner Field in Hudson this afternoon. Calm winds with some pretty aggressive sustained gusts that mostly came out of the west. Made for some intense crosswind crabs. The skies were beautiful, the field freshly cut!

I met John flying electric, nice guy, welcoming, and a pretty good pilot. Fun to watch him goof off.

The 30cc flew wonderfully!

During a highly crabbed crosswind I learned where the east edge of the east side runway is... I started to set her down knowing I was off center but would be over the runway soon, and to my surprise she started to disappear! I realized she was UNDER the runway! The whole field is on the curved top of an old landfill. The east side runway has the road that leads up to the field on its east edge, and its about 6-8 feet below the runway. From where I was standing I can't see the road, just the edge of the runway. Nosed up, landed fine up the side of the steep hill, but grounded the prop. No other damage. Changed it out when I got home.

The RCGF 10cc ran well! No issues.Had a lot of fun!

On the thrid flight, another crabbed landing. Didn't get the tail around fast enough at the touchdown and the torqued the gear off. It wasn't super secured on the front edge... Beginning to think that its my thing.  Fixed it easily at home, No other damage. I did secure the front edge with a single small servo RTL Fasteners servo screw. It will hold nicely, but give under a good force keeping it from ripping off the bottom of the aircraft but giving me some resistance on tough landings.

This interesting thing happened. Twice at the field, so I grounded her and didn't maiden. When I got home I trouble shot it and realized it was acting like a power loss to the receiver. I was suspicious of the Receiver pack... I think charging my NiMH at 1C has caught up with me. I used another old pack and it worked just fine. Ordered a new pack. I have to admit I wasn't eager to maiden her in the crosswinds. If this had happened in the air it would have been disastrous. Damn lucky!

Can't wait to fly again soon!

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