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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Vortex Generators

The wings on the MX-Bach are Sbach 342 wings. The inside wing tends to tip stall on approaches if one is at all slow coming in and turns sharp to final; straight in not so much a problem. A couple of runways I land on require a tight turn to final, so this happens a lot with this plane.

I was aware of vortex generators and how they curiously maintain laminar flow below stall, and I know that some RC aircraft have them, but I didn't know if they actually worked. A while back someone on the Southern NH Flying Eagles FB page posted a video on full scale use of VGs and a post on how someone had done them on larger scale RC aircraft using styrene L angles. There is a nice run of posts on RC Forums, including this one. Then I found this and I figured, why not see what happens!

L Angle Styrene, forget where I got it, not one of my usual RC sources.

Placed them along the 1st third of the curved chord, and decided 1.5 inch from the outer edge. I placed each pair 3/4 of an inch from one another, and 1 inch between pairs. Entirely arbitrarily placed, other than the 1/3 of the curved chord, which was the recommendation in the posts.

Each one of these is a VG, I just liked the way they look in pairs, and wanted to concentrate on the tips. I used Beacon 3-in-1 craft glue for the adhesive. Simple, strong, easy to place.

Someday soon I will see what happens with them in place!

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