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Saturday, May 21, 2016

CAGS Anxious

I'm heading up to CAGS in Hopkinton, NH, just outside Concord, to try out what looks to be one 9f the best fields in the area. 

I am taking the 30 cc MXS-R, which I am still getting comfortable with her, and the Twinstar, as it's nice to have one plane I am comfortable with. I am also planning to take the 10 cc Spitfire with the intent to maiden her. 

I decided not to take the 10 cc Sukhoi since it's running oddly. She has decided to lag on power calls from less than half throttle. It's that single needle throttle that RCGF has abandoned, as I understand it. I have a Walboro style carb coming from RCGF-USA, an upgrade kit, and have decided not to fly her until I have that carb installed and tuned.

It's sunny now, and calm, but this afternoon will be cloudy and a bit more breezy.

I'm a bit nervous. Flying at a new field is always a bit anxiety inducing. Getting to know a field and it's members is a process. I have a feeling the pilots at CAGS are a bit more advanced, so I have a little performance anxiety too. And maidening a plane is the most nerve wracking procedure we do, as it is very unpredictable. Intellecutally I could not care less what others think, but I also don't want to be a boob...

I share this because one of the reasons I do this blog is to represent us mere mortals, the ones whose hands shake, who lose planes or damage them with some regularity, and whose skills are not professional level. I think I represent normal.

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