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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Phoenix Models Spitfire with RCGF-USA 10cc V2 Engine Trials

The engine is installed and a couple of days ago I did the first start. I've been working to find its sweet spot as it breaks in, and I am coming pretty close. I then put the cowl on, and made a few minor adjustments. The weather had been damp and cold, so I expect to need some more tuning. I created a nice little hatch to allow access to the needles without having to remove the cowl.

Master Airscrew 13x8x3 prop.  I believe the spinner is 3 inches. I may replace it with a 3-1/2" if I can find one, notably a 3-blade. I just can't find one.

First start, since install. She was run months ago by Joe Nelson at RCGF-USA before he sent it out to me.

Full throttle. ~8400 rpms on these settings. She now tends to run around 7900-8200 full throttle.

Today, cowl on, done tuning. Idle around 2800 rpm, to full about 8100-8300 rpm.  Smooth transitions. On the DX8 I have a throttle curve set, no expo (it was screwing up the transition).

CG was curiously spot on.

Hatch to the needles. Wire handle secures against a wedge underneath the cowl.

I will wait for very good conditions to maiden her, and plan to do it at the SNHRC club in Hudson, rather than at SNHFE in Merrimack as I want wide open, though the nice runway in Merrimack beckons.


  1. She sounds sweet mate. Best of luck with the maiden flight ;-)

  2. She really does! Thanks for the best wishes, stay tuned!