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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Phoenix Models Spitfire with RCGF-USA 10cc V2 Engine Trials

The engine is installed and a couple of days ago I did the first start. I've been working to find its sweet spot as it breaks in, and I am coming pretty close. I then put the cowl on, and made a few minor adjustments. The weather had been damp and cold, so I expect to need some more tuning. I created a nice little hatch to allow access to the needles without having to remove the cowl.

Master Airscrew 13x8x3 prop.  I believe the spinner is 3 inches. I may replace it with a 3-1/2" if I can find one, notably a 3-blade. I just can't find one.

First start, since install. She was run months ago by Joe Nelson at RCGF-USA before he sent it out to me.

Full throttle. ~8400 rpms on these settings. She now tends to run around 7900-8200 full throttle.

Today, cowl on, done tuning. Idle around 2800 rpm, to full about 8100-8300 rpm.  Smooth transitions. On the DX8 I have a throttle curve set, no expo (it was screwing up the transition).

CG was curiously spot on.

Hatch to the needles. Wire handle secures against a wedge underneath the cowl.

I will wait for very good conditions to maiden her, and plan to do it at the SNHRC club in Hudson, rather than at SNHFE in Merrimack as I want wide open, though the nice runway in Merrimack beckons.


  1. She sounds sweet mate. Best of luck with the maiden flight ;-)

  2. She really does! Thanks for the best wishes, stay tuned!

  3. Looks great.
    I just got the same plane. I plan on installing the new rcgf 10 rear exhaust. Any tips on engine install,eg ,motor mount used firewall clearance to rear carb to fit the motor? Where did you mount the ignition and battery?
    Sorry for all the questions Im just trying to get ahead of the

  4. Im putting one together now with the new 10cc re.
    Did you have to trim the tristock on the firewall for the engine to fit?

  5. Hi! Sorry for the delay, seems I missed a lot of comments and am catching up. I just bought a new one! I will be putting a 10cc in it too. Its a snug fit, and I had to make a large opening in the cowl, but it worked great. I did make a mistake with my gas vent placement, and will be looking at a new spot with this build. In the coming months I will blog it. BTW mine is the side exhaust. I think a rear might create some space problems.