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Friday, June 5, 2015

MXS-R 30cc Build Begins!

I have had some interesting flying days lately. It's tough working around my work schedule, the kids schedule out on the field, and the weather, but I have gotten a lot of flying in these past couple of weeks.

Yesterday, after a good day of flying (more on that later), I finally started the build on the Skyline MXS-R 30cc Breitling. Over the course of about 3 hours I built the wings, using the Hitec HS-5685 servos from the doomed wings of the MX2. (They are an upgrade from the ones that were on the 30cc Sbach from which the electronic and engine are from. I put the Sbach ones on the MX2). Over the next few weeks I will be working on the rest of the build.



I picked up a Hobby King Wing Bag for a 30cc plane for about $20 plus shipping. I continue to be impressed by the value Hobby King products provide. I could not have touched this bag from another maker for less than $60 plus shipping, with most being near $100. This bag is so well made and designed I will never buy another company's bag again! They come in various sizes, offer nice styling and excellent storage and protection. I especially like the external wing tube pouch.



I have some updates to follow after I grab some screen captures from video. The MX-B flew so incredibly well! The C-47, not so much. She really hates the tall grass.

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