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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No Pants for You!

People have told me not to wear pants on the grass field, and time and again I get them knocked off. In fact, I don't recall the last time I flew this MXBach without some how damaging one. They get caught up in every blade of grass, twisting and tipping planes on landing, and fouling take off runs. It's a real pain in the ass.

Today two pants came off. This one cracked on the MXBach, and I flew the Cosmic Wind today. She too depants herself.

Fine. You win. Ugly ass depanted wheels.


The tiny Cosmic Wind. Damn she is faaaast.


The MXBach.

I am keeping them on the Pulse XT. She almost never tips on her pants, being a lady and all that.



I flew the MXBach today, both sets of dual 5S. She and I are starting to come to an understanding. Although today she did something bizarre. In flight on final she decided her center rudder was hard left. Scared the crap out of me. Got her on the ground, skidding off to the left and sliding on her gear. That's how that pant leg broke. I taxied her over and at center rudder it was well off to the left. I have no idea what happened. The trim was centered on the DX8 for the rudder. The rudder bar was tight on the servo, it didn't strip. To get it recentered took all 125 right subtrim. When I got home I had to remove the servo, the top screw would not budge. On the servo tester she was way off left on center signal. So, I cut the top screw off, recentered the servo and the control wheel with the bar, and reinstalled her with 12 right subtrim. WTF?

On another note, I hovered the Trex 600e. Her tail had a fine wag. No matter how low or high I set the gyro gain. It was almost off. What is it with every single Align gyro'd heli I have, the tail wags? Don't even...


Charged the MXBach reciever pack, and her 5S batteries. Fly her again tomorrow. Without her pants.


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