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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

30cc MXS-R Build Update

Well, I'm a bit behind on updating the MXS-R build, but it's going rather well. A few minor headaches, but all in all well. Skyline usually provides good quality ARFs, and this one isn't an exception, but there were some hardware issues uncharacteristic of them.

A few days ago I installed the tail assembly, including the surfaces and the servos salvaged from the 30cc Sbach. This went pretty smoothly.



Installing the Pull-Pull rudder system met with a fit challenge. I made a minor fit error that made me short on wire, but Macgyver'd a nice fix.


Today I setup the drill map for the engine hard points after gas-proofing the wood of the anterior half of the fuse (15 min epoxy diluted quite thin with alcohol, brushed on). I like to think it also adds some strength to the frame.


To get the right distance for the prop to clear the front of the engine canopy, I need three wooden spacers and a washer. I considered using nylon spacers, but think this is better distributing the forces of the bolts. The original 25mm bolts are fine, but tomorrow I will pick up some 35 mm bolts (I think they are M4) for added security and strength. Then I can install the engine.


The tail wheel assembly was a problem. None of the parts were correct. I took some of the parts that did come with the assembly and Macgyver'd them together. It was like the wrong hardware kit was tossed in. The rudder wire's soldered in wheel collar wouldn't fit over the wheel strut. It was too small. The tail bracket was a bit shallow so the screw in collar (the black both headed piece) was too long. So I have to cut the screw shorter, drill the strut hole wider, and adapt the rudder position transfer wire to the cap that secured it to the strut. It's a bit looser than I would like, but I couldn't tighten it further. It worked out pretty well otherwise. I think I will add a piece of wood under the carbon fiber wheel strut to raise it away from the fuse. This will allow some space for the wheel assembly to flex without hitting the fuse.


One of the main wheel axles went together fine, but on the other the collars wouldn't fit. They all came from the same bag, but two of the four were too small. Fortunately I had some new Dubro one's that fit perfectly.


On her wheels for the first time! I had some ideas to give the main gear strut some fore-aft freedom/shock absorbing capability, but I couldn't come up with something simple that worked, some just bolted them on.


Cowl fit test sweet!


Electronic ignition installed. I bought a new one since the spark wire on the old one was burning through. I also wondered if the motor was 4-cycling because of the old one? Not sure how that would work.


I had ordered a carb rebuild kit for the motor, in case the year of sitting around ruined the gaskets and parts, but when I rebuilt and cleaned the carburetor and the engine today it was in really good shape. I also installed a servo horn onto the throttle linkage. I think it will give me better throttle resolution than the very short stock linkage. I painted the muffler black with high heat tolerant paint (for grills), and I installed the new ignition sensor and wire. I am a little anxious about the pipes being long enough to clear the engine canopy and am not looking forward to cutting the muffler holes in the fiberglass canopy. The motor fits entirely inside, but the pipes will need access outside...

Tomorrow I will get the longer engine hard point bolts, and install the engine (a DLE 30cc) and the fuel system with a Quick-Fire filter. I am eager to start the engine! I love that sound!

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