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Monday, June 22, 2015

A little spit...

...and she's ready to go!

I trimmed out the cowl and it went remarkably well. It lined up nicely with the engine. I have some black silicone exhaust connectors coming that I will use to extend the Pitts muffler pipes below the cowl. I also decided to replace the 4V ignition pack and the 7V receiver pack with new ones by Turnigy. I decided to make the ignition pack 7V too. I had to order a screw for the nose cone as I could not find an M5 40mm bolt anywhere locally.


Underside. So shiny it's reflecting everything under the aircraft.


Once the final pieces are installed I will retune the engine with the cowl in place, then man up and fly her!



  1. Looks very nice mate. Bet you can't wait to get her into the air!

  2. Honestly, the luck I've had lately, I'm a bit anxious