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Monday, May 25, 2015

Introducing the MX-Bach!

You will recall that a couple of weeks ago it ended badly for my giant sized MX2 when I underestimated the trees....

I got the idea to take the wings off the 30cc SBach that died in a fuel deprivation crash a year ago back in Mississippi on Trash Day.

Fitting the SBach wings to the MX2 works in theory as they are the same scale. The wings are about the same length, but the SBach wing is much longer in the chord, and runs a good length down the MX2 fuse. The SBach fuse also is wider, and does not taper as quickly as the MX2, so the wing required extensive modifications.

The fresh uncovered wood is the finished wing wedge I created to fill the gap that the unmodified wing had. I built them on both sides to follow the airfoil, the wing, and the fuse, allowing me to use the original wing tube on the MX2 and the SBach wing. I had to move the aft anti-movement pin into the new built up section so it fit the fuse and added it's required fixation for the wing.
These are the new wedges drying. To add strength I coated them with alcohol diluted epoxy. The ribs sopprt the wider aft of the chord. I super glued them to the original wing and drilled pass thru holes for wires, wing tub and wing screws.
Tailored to fit!
This is what the original MX2 wing looked like.
Yeah... The landing gear hard point is tilted to starboard. I will fix that... The wheel pants were demolished in the crash, but I rebuilt them. Had the struts from the SBach and just modified them to fit. Had to epoxy the SBach hard points to keep strength with the new holes drilled to fit the MX2.
All in all I am quite pleased! I gave no idea where the real CG is, but plan to use the wing tube when I balance her. That first flight will have some kinda pucker factor!

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