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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Busy Day

So, a day off, and it was beautiful. The winds were gusty. They'd be fine on the ground and howling 30' up. Then just gusting. I took three planes out, but just flew the Alpha Sport. After 3 flights I gave up, but it was fun!

The new Turnigy 7V 2300 mAh reciever and ignition packs arrived, so I replaced the old 4.8V ignition and the old reciever packs, in the 30cc MXS-R.

I put together my own dual charger after my new Traxxas Onyx dual output charger had one display crap out. I like to charge the reciever and ignition batteries at the same time. I don't have the receipt, let alone know where I bought it... It's almost a year old. All of the dual chargers out there are well over $100. Instead I bought two simple chargers, a $10 Stanley toolbox, soldered the two separate AC powercords together, and made my own for about $50. I used the box one came in to make a shelf so both could fit side by side, and hide the cord Y point. It works perfectly!

Soldered, capped, and then tied together.
Testing the power cord.


The other day I put an extra 7.4V 2S Lipo I had into the Alpha Sport, just to power the lights, because I could, and I knew it would make them brighter. And it did! I flew her this morning, but at dusk I took her back out and flew her 3 times. I have to say it was very cool seeing them as she flew. Did I get pictures at the field? No. Did I get video at the field? No. But I did think of it as I was unloading, so...



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