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Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Here, hold my beer..."

Got out this morning, after a late night working on the MXS-R, and the fields were empty of lacrosse players, the sky clear, the wind calm. Perfect!

Took the Pulse XT, the 1000mm Sbach and the F-86 Saber jet out. Flew the Pulse, always a great flyer, and as I was flying Jerry came out and introduced himself. He's an RC pilot, new to the hobby, so I took him up on a buddy box with the Pulse. He did an amazing job, and is completely hooked if he wasn't already. I suggested the Alpha Sport 450 as a great first plane (he tried starting with the Pulse, but being an engineer, he over engineered it :-), and I realized I have the extra new one and offered to sell it to him. It will be great to have another pilot out at Joppa Hill.

I took the Jet up. Or tried to. She has to be hand launched, always a moment of truth, and she went to ground. The wind was behind us, what there was, so she ended up in the dirt, where she FOD'd herself.


See that? No blades. They went shooting out the back...

I took the Sbach up, and she was twitchy, hated the grass, but she was settling in and becoming fun to fly. She needs a lot of power to keep flying. I brought her down and started to toss her around. I decided to do a low loop. You know that thought, where you say to yourself, "I really don't think she can do this, but WTF, let's see what happens?" The "Here, hold my beer..." moment. And then without thinking about it much you start the manuever and it ends a badly as you expected? Yeah, all too well. In talking to Jerry, I realized this, and that I really wasn't upset at all. TLDR: I tried a low level loop, she couldn't pull out, she dieded.


Oh well, parts for a new project!

It was nice to meet Jerry, and I look forward to flying with him again soon!

Oh, BTW, in our last of three buddy box flights my Master box started doing that disconnect-reconnect thing again. Recall I had sent the DX8 to Specktrum to see if it was my box, and it wasn't I changed the cable and the problem resolved. It's back...


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