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Friday, December 12, 2014

ASW-28 Power Glider and Updates

A few days ago I started putting the HobbyKing ASW-28 power glider together. It's been sitting on the floor for a couple of months and it was time to just git 'er done. It went together pretty easily, but the joining of the wings to the fuse sucks... I used colored packing tape to cover the underside of the wing for contrast. I don't know if I am fond of her yet.

I had to open up the hole that allows the flap and aileron connectors through the fuse. I also had to trim away the plastic that surrounds the wood support. When joining the wing it would get hung up on it and I could not secure it into place.

The black tape in place. The 2300mm wingspan requires I transport her with the wings detached. The wings slide over an aluminum support rod, and are secured in place with screws through a wooden joiner that is loosely installed across the fuse. This means I will need to manipulate her a lot to get the wings secured, and screw in two screws on each side with every flight. I really liked my last glider's single nylon screw. When the weather improves will take her out. Not as excited as I should be, but hopefully that will change when I see her perform.


Replacement parts are coming in for the HDX 500se heli. Can't narrow down the source of the servo glitches. I plan to replace everything except the ESC, and will change from using the ESC's BEC to a separate voltage regulator I ordered last night from HeadsUp RC. I have basically replaced most of the electronics, including the reciever, but never all at once, and I am hoping the voltage regulator removes spikes. This is a new ESC so I am not optimistic I have solved this. So, all swash servos, the rudder servo, changing the reciever and the voltage regulator. Then maybe the gyro... If the tail twitch doesn't resolve. Annoying.

UPDATE: I think I figured this out. I suspected this before, with the wandering seizures, that it had to be something more general and just realized its amps. I think it wants to draw more than the 3 amps the BEC in the ESC offers. It's only when I put more than 3 servos on the BEC that it twitches. I isolated the swash servos using a servo tester and the glitch is gone. When I add servos back to the reciever it starts twitching when 2 of the four total servos and gyro are on, stops whenever I remove any of the others. I just ordered a 5 amp voltage regulator. More to follow.

Eflite J-3 Cub Project

The Eflite J-3 Cub 450 Project is about to get underway. All the parts, including the skis, are in. I need to fashion a tiny tail ski. Pics to follow.

Helping a friend

Chip Young bought some kind of plane from an estate sale, that needs a wing that seems to be very much like the old Eflite PulseXT 25e wing I have hanging on my wall, so I am giving that to him this afternoon. Will be interesting to see how this works! I love Frankenstein aircraft!



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