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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter's a comin'!

Now that I am not so distracted starting up a new job, I am getting back into the RC Lab and flying again. I've been out a couple of times, but this past Sunday was just beautiful. Its getting colder, and the sun is setting earlier. I got out late since I decided late and had a couple of batteries to charge, but once it was clear that Detroit was embarrassing themselves, I headed just up the road to Joppa Hill fields.

I flew the MX2 uneventfully, going through the two sets of 5S batteries I have (it flies 10S). She flew gracefully, with ease. Also brought out the Eflite Ultimate and flew three packs of crazy aerobatics as the sun set.

I had also brought out the HDX 500SE. She continues to have gyro and electrical problems that I cannot get a handle on. I think they are related, some sort of amp surge. I have changed out the receiver and the ESC without improvement. I suspect a bad servo, but haven't been able to reproduce this problem with the servo tester. I will need to replace them one at a time... something I am not looking to do anytime soon. I still have a Trex 600 to build, and another Trex 600 to rebuild! So she sits on the bench...

Speaking of building...

I still have the FMS 2300mm AWS28 glider I bought, opened in box, which I will put together next.

And look what Mr. Postman brought me today!

Its the General Hobby Skyline MSX-R 30cc I got to replace the 30cc Sbach I crashed back in Gulfport last summer. This is my spring project, moving all the servos and electronics, then the power plant, over to this plane.

I also just bought (yeah, I know... yet another plane) an Eflite J-3 Cub 450 sized. I did get a new receiver to go with this, but have a 480 motor (I think, at least I know I have a couple of 450 Sport motors) and 40amp ESCs on hand, also got some EXI metal gear digital sub-micro servos. The goal is to put her on some DuBro 7" skis and fly her off the snow!

For those of you in warmer climes, a couple of pics from my drive out to the recycle center this morning as the season's first snow fell. 

The road to my house in Bedford, NH.

Aidan and me at the Recycle Transfer Station.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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