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Friday, December 19, 2014

From Our "It's Always Somethin' " Department

Working on the Trex 600e Pro rebuild this afternoon, and it was brief, hence the title of this post...

Took the worn main shaft bearing blocks out of the heli. The bottom one was terribly worn, in fact an edge was actually damaged (I knew that...) and I discarded it, the top one was fine, but I will replace both of them. Pulled the new blocks out and when I went to install the bottom one I noticed it was too short. Dammit. Turns out it's from the standard Trex 600 and measures 48mm, not the Pro, which apparently is wider at 50mm. I don't want to McGyver this so need the right parts.

The one on the left is the original, the one on the right the new "too small" block. I ordered what I believe to be the correct size.

I turned then to the tail boom assembly which includes the power take-off assembly, the torque tube shaft and bearings, and the tail control assembly. When I pulled the torque shaft out I found one bearing. No bearing "holder" block. And I like two bearings, so... Back to the order and ordered a bearing holder and bearing set (it comes with two of each). Good thing I left the order open. The stock build requires only one, but most builders recommend two asymmetrically set to prevent vibration harmonics from developing and transmitting to the tail. I set that aside, and went on to disassemble the tail control assembly. I replaced the bent tail shaft, cleaned and re-lubed the bearings and controls. I couldn't get the tail torque tube mushroom gear bearing off the gear, and since it was unworn, undamaged and functioning fine, I decided to leave it in place. Tail assembly done and ready for installation.

According to the return policies of the Align Trex Store I need to have returned the part 15 days after I bought it back in July. I just opened the parts box yesterday, some 6 months later, so that ain't happening. I just ordered the replacement parts; maybe they will at least give me some store credit.

So the Trex 600e Pro project is set aside for a couple of weeks as I wait for those parts, the holidays and some work days to pass. This heli won't be ready until after the new year, and even that is sure to be delayed because there is always somethin'...


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