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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eflite J-3 Cub Project

Made a lot of progress today! The wing is done, the tail is complete and the motor, ESC and reciever installed and programmed.

EXI 9gm servos for the ailerons, set up on their panels and ready to install.
Servo panels in place, control arms setup, aileron wires passed through the wing.

Wings joined to the center piece with epoxy, setting up.


Setting the CA hinges up.


instead of the stock CA hinges for the rudder, and the stock tail "axel" and wheel, I hand bent wire for the tail wheel using thicker gauge wire, a larger tire, and had to use large CA hinges folded over the tail axel to secure it to the fuse. The CA hinges I used for the tail wheel have a slot in the middle, and I used two laid over each other. Since the rudder will take some of the forces from the tail wheel I substituted plastic hinges for the CA ones. Installed the control horns.


The rudder and elevator servos, with their control wires installed, and the Spektrum AR610 reciever.

Installed the motor (a generic 480 sized motor, I think from HeadsUpRC. Recycled from some airplane I used to fly), and a 40 amp ESC, also recycled. Should be able to finish it up with the next day's work. Install the cabin windows, the engine cowl, and install the wing and its supports. I have skis for it, but put bigger wheels on it. Should be ready to maiden soon!


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