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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hangar 9 Sopwith Rebuild

I started work on the Sopwith Camel today, cleaning up and patching the fuse, resetting the servos And control arms to make everything as zero/ninety as mechanically possible. This puppy has got some issues.

I found that the prop shaft is ever so slightly bent. Any offset will cause significant vibration, so I removed it and ordered a new one from HeadsUp RC. This motor is pretty ginormous, not as big, I don't think, as the one on the MX2. If I cared I could check the specs... I will be flying this 6S. It has a 100A HobbyWing Pro ESC, but it's not high voltage, and 6S is more than enough power.

I installed the wings after working the fuse. These wings are warped, always have been. The flaws seem to balance out.


You can really see the warped wings; looks worse in the pic than it really is. The upper left (on the right of the pic) and the lower right (on the left) are warped in opposite planes. The elevator is also warped on the right, and I will likely need to rebuild it. Right now I have it clamped, but I don't expect that to work, it never does. Tomorrow I will rebuild it. I just don't have the time, skills or supplies to unwarp the main wings. They were warped like this when I first flew her and it balances out. It probably is a contributor to her poor ground characteristics on take-off.

Waiting for the prop adapter, and I need some heavy gauge leader wire from a fishing shop so I can restring the guide wires. Then we shall she how she flies!

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