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Saturday, December 13, 2014

ASW CG'd, HDX waits for voltage regulator

This morning realized I hadn't checked CG on the ASW power glider when I had the wings on, so I took care of that this morning.

It took a whole ounce (1/2 on each side) back on the tail to make her just a breath nose heavy. We'll see how this works out in flight. This is during testing. I used acetone soaks to get the old adhesive off, installed them with 3M All-weather double sided tape and covered them with white electrical tape.

All 2.3M wingspan. I hate the wing attachment, and don't think I will like it until I come up with a thumbscrew method of securing them in place.

And there's the HDX 500se, waiting for the 5A voltage regulator I have coming from HeadsUpRC. Still not sure why it would suddenly require more than 3A, or if this is really the problem, but let's hope so. The only other choice is to replace every single piece of electronics.

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