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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HDX 500se: Mystery Solved. I think.

I have been dealing with an electrical glitch for a year that I haven't really just sat down and solved. I have tried some simple things, like the ESC, the reciever, swapped out servos... Nothing seemed to make a difference.
Short vid of the seizures.

Earlier this week I thought I had figured out that it was an amp draw issue, but I remained suspicious that this couldn't be the case as nothing changed to draw more amps. That being said, I ordered and today installed a 5amp voltage regulator. For giggles I changed the receiver again from a Spektrum AR 610 to an Orange DSMX receiver from HobbyKing. I love these receivers and have never had any problem with them; that being said I put Spektrums on my expensive aircraft.
I removed the ESC and splice soldered in the leads from the voltage regulator.

I secured the leads to the main power leads with wire ties and taped over the soldered sections. I used Dual Lock Velcro to secure the regulator to the ESC. It will fit nicely underneath.

Installed the ESC back in its original position, with the voltage regulator underneath, inside the frame. You can see the Orange receiver slung on the outside of the frame. This was the only place I could put it and keep the short antenna wires well exposed. The red Velcro strap secures the receiver wires out of the way of the mechanicals. I balanced the tail blades. I fired her up and the seizures were still there.
I decided to change out the gyro. I had spun her up with the gyro not installed and would swear that the seizures continued. I installed the only gyro I have, an Assan GA250 MEMS gyro from HobbyKing. It's a pretty basic MEMS gyro, works pretty well. I've again, never had any problems with them, but prefer the Align gyros. Curious as I have had several Align gyros fail... Fired her up after programming the gyro, and wow. No seizures, no vibration, no wagging tail. Wowser. Another bad Align GP790 very expensive gyro.

Balanced a new set of main blades and installed them. Tomorrow or so I will recheck the CCPM programming, then give it a spin up! She was one of my best flying helis, so I hope she flies like she did before all this BS with the bad gyro.

UPDATE (5/24/15): Took her out back to hover her and... that damn seizure is still there. The only thing I haven't changed is the motor. That's next. She held great with the Assan gyro, but her rotor disk kept twitching making control difficult.

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