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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sopwith Motor Shafted

Yesterday I took the Hangar 9 Sopwith out to maiden, but was unable to fly due to a problem I thought I had solved. Now I have, definitively! The motor casing would pull forward under the thrust of the prop as the C-clamp holding the housing in place kept coming loose. I had pushed it back into its slot, or so I thought, but preflight inspection found the housing pulling again. I removed the motor this morning and reset the C-clamp, this time clearly in place. As a added safety I Dremeled a flat spot in the axle and put s 5mm wheel collar in place with a set screw. Note that this is actually the rear of the motor (it has a bolt on prop adapter forward and this shaft protrudes from the back. As the prop applies thrust it pulls the black can off the motor. The can is connected to the shaft. Just between the collar and the motor is the C-clamp).That sucker ain't goin' nowhere.

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