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Friday, November 11, 2011

Art Tech Diamond 2500 Glider

Recently purchased this 2500mm EPO glider from Nitroplanes. This is one awesome aircraft! I maidened her today, and she flew sweetly for 20 minutes before my neck got tired and I landed. She took of from my hand, all I had to do was let go! I flew her first with a 3S 3300mAh 30C, but found she flew better and glided better with a 4S 3300 mAh 30C.

I had set her up with flaps (they say it comes with servos for the flaps, but it didn't. I set it up with TowerPro SG90MGs). I haven't figured out how to set up the spoilerons with the flaps for CROW landings, but I plan to call Horizon Hobby and have them walk me through it. I'm assuming I can do it with a DX8 and a 6 channel receiver. I did add 1/2 oz of weight to the tail and the CG still came out forward of the design 80-90mm. A lot of pilots have noted the CG comes out around 65-70mm. She is trimmed for gliding, and when under power I need to give her a bit of down elevator. She flies fine with the 3S, but she can get around really well with the 4S. Power on she can loop and roll easily, power off she has one heckuva glide ratio and sweet stall characteristics, but the balance between glide hover and stall is pretty thin. All in all, I am really pleased with her and she is quite a crowd pleaser! I can only fly her when I can steal my wife's SUV, she is so ginormous. I do transport her with the wings off, all 8 foot wingspan.

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  1. Very cool! Was thinking about purchasing a 2500 today. Thanks for the battery tips. I have a T-28 trojan, and a Super Cub. Love em. But def want to get into gliding.

    take care