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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rough day

Very windy day at BMF. Had a lot of fun shooting approaches and working crosswind landings. Made a couple costly mistakes...

I was shooting an approach with the Pulse XT, and in making my missed approach I firewalled the throttle. She shot forward and was doing about 60 mph one foot off the ground when the wind slammed her into the ground! Her gear snapped clean off and she skid to stop! The cost was the landing gear having to be reinstalled (the cote replaced too), replacing the cote where the landing gear punched through as they rolled under,  a stripped aileron servo, and a cracked prop. Need to order the JR MN48 for one of the aileron servos. It was pretty cool acutally, with all that speed, big puff of dirt!

Broke the gear off clean, no bending, cracked the fuse plate just forward of the gear. I removed the wing.

The hole in the underside of the right wing.

And through the top.

Already fixed everything except replacing the servo and the prop (need a nut).

I also worked the Cornell hard. I was practicing spin recovery when I got into a spin I couldn't pull out of. She slammed into the ground... and came through surprisingly well!

Shattered the cowl, and as you can see, I shook out the motor mount in chips... The prop is toast and I taco'd another battery. I will be able to rebuild this in a couple of days! There was no other damage.

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