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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flying Wind

As in, my Great Planes Cosmic Wind being maidened on a windy day at BMF. I took her out to the field, and finally put in a battery and checked CG. It seemed really forward so I put an ounce aft to balance it. First flight was pretty tame for a maiden, some quick trimming. She flew fantastic! She needed a little left trim, a bit of P-factor compensation. It turned out she didn't need so much weight and on the second flight I flew her with only 1/2 oz a bit more forward. This time she was magic! Fast, extremely agile (ended up tuning the rates down to 40, 60 and 100% with 25 expo all across, flew her entirely on low rates and she still danced). She floats on landing, and has tame stall characteristics. With the 350 watt motor with the 8x8 prop, she screams, has really good vertical, and even with low rates she is very acrobatic. On landing she will float, and settles cleanly. I flew her in 10-15 mph winds with some brisk intermittent cross winds, and she handled them fine. The white decals look great and contrast well with the all red bottom. Visibility would increase if I put more on, especially the other wing, but I love the slick clean red fuse. I will be shiny-ing her up with some car wax, and she will be sweeter! What a great pleasure to fly, she is now one of my favs and will likely be with me on every trip out! Pics with my Eflite Pulse XT 25e. Awesome day of windy flying!

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  1. UPDATE: Flew the Cosmic again yesterday, and wow, is she zippy! Fast, fast, fast and wicked agile! Dialed the rates down to 40% and she still snaps! Getting her to slow down on landing is tough if you have to come in high, she doesn't slow and floats forever! What a beautiful plane!