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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When will I learn?

Every time I fly at Joppa Hill something gets torn off a plane. Today I went out to fly at Joppa, and things got torn off a plane. Two planes.

Took the Twinstar, the Edge 540 and the 30cc MXS-R out today. The winds were calm with reasonable gusts from the south.

Today's Brood.


And this happened...

Twisted the gear right out of the fuse.

The Twinstar, a sweet flier! You can see how tall the grass is, even though it was freshly cut. 
She always get grass stains on her from the props cutting through the grass. I had to walk around to find a patch of grass worn enough to let her get off the ground. Landed her in the grass the first time just fine. On the second time everything seemed fine.

But I noticed the wing was coming off, and when I flipped her over, I found that the wing hard point had ripped through the fuse. The wheels in the gras pulled the wing off.

The balsa isn't thin, but the grain is not cross so it popped though. I glued this, and used a popsicle spar across it also CA'd in place, and covered it with white cote (don't have the blue). Looks great.

The repair.

After flying the MXS-R a couple of times, some people came out to walk their dog and jog around the field. I won't fly the gassers with anyone on the field, so I just hung out a while, then left. Took a short video of the field.

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