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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sunset Scurry

I had a crazy busy day. It was beautiful, almost no winds, Misfits had its field day, so I planned to get out to the Misfits field to help out and fly. One honey-do lead to another, and I was lazy, so... I did get to visit my new house being built in Chester, and since some wingnut left the back door unlocked, Maria and I did a walk through. A few more chores... Finally got home late in the afternoon. After a short break, I decided I wanted to take a plane out, the Alpha 450. I wasn't willing to invest a lot of time, so I drove out to Joppa Hill Fields and found no one there, so took the Alpha up.

Its always something.

Can't even see the 3 inch wheels...
The first plug in of the battery and the rudder/front gear went hard right. This has happened before, I wonder if its the receiver? Hmm... I have an Orange Stabilized receiver that needs an airplane. I replugged it and it went hard left. Jeez. I redid it again and it functioned normally. It would for the rest of the day. I have had it do that in flight before... First time I flew it out at Merrimack, in fact. Impressed the members there by not killing them when I over-flew the pits and parking lot. Once that was solved, the grass was so thick that she wouldn't take off, wouldn't roll more than an inch. Walked around until I found a barer patch that gave me enough runout to get her off.

Some guy showed up flying a foamy, and another guy a drone, then later a dad and son brought out a drone. The latter was novice. I stayed on my end of the field. Dodging Lacrosse and Soccer Goals, and a field net when low, made for a lot of fun! Flew with the sun to my back. Got off 5 packs! It was simply basic flying fun!

She's never been a great aerobat, but she let me put her through some moves. She really hates to aileron roll left, in fact, won't. But right was sweet. She loops great though, and handles the occasional gusts fine.

Great sunset scurry!

5 packs!

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