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Friday, May 12, 2017

Hobby King Orange 3-Axis Stabilization in the Eflite Cornell

I tried the Spektrum Alpha 6 system in the Eflite PT-19 Cornell. I turned on and let me set it up just fine, again would not see the Knob on the DX8, so put it on the Flight Mode switch. Got it set up just fine, but when I tried to turn it on again, time and again it just would not come on. So its not the Waco, or the DX8, its the unit.

I realized that I had an Orange 3-Axis Stabilization system, so I installed that. Took 15 min, including programming, gain setting, and it works just fine, including the remote Off via the Gear channel. If there was ever a plane that needed a stabilization system, this tiny light bird is one.

I realized that I had pirated the receiver for some other project, but had a Spektrum 6 channel (simple, old one I have had forever) laying around, so that's in there too.

I haven't flown her much. I have her because it was the second Cox 0.049 U control plane I owned as a kid. I am kinda excited to fly her off the Geotex at Misfits in Auburn. The picture below (from the interwebs) will bring back some memories! Thin plastic held together with rubber bands and flown with a wimpy simple handle. (The first plane was that Cox odd colored Sopwith Camel, and the third was the Stuka Dive Bomber).

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