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Friday, May 26, 2017

That was easy!

I put the new Hobby King Orange 3-axis Stabilization System in place of the bricked Spektrum Alpha 6 system. Took me ten minutes to install and set the jumpers. Done.  That's how its done. And no manual!

I don't think I like the one's with the receiver-3 Axis system, the OrangeRX RX3S DSM2 Receiver/Stabilization system. I think the receiver doesn't function as well as Orange Receivers usually do. I had trouble controlling the HK EPO Sbach and the Edge 340, both with the receiver-stabilizer system installed. The Sbach was really uncontrollable, though in the past she had flown fine, even after turning off the stabilization, and I lost control of her. The Edge failed to respond in a timely fashion to an up elevator command leading to a firm landing that tore off her wheels (anywhere else and it just would have been a firm landing). I will be staying away from those, but I really like these solely stabilization systems though. 

I had thought I might put a Felyutech FY-40 Stabilization System on the Waco, but wasn't too interested in making my way through a new system and Chinglish manual, if there is one. My thought was "it costs more, has a nice hard case, must be better", but I have had such good luck with the Orange systems on both electric and gas planes, that I really saw no reason to pay more. As long as I can turn it off, I have faith in them.

The Waco is by far my most favorite plane. Crashing it will surely end me... I cannot wait to fly her, probably at Misfits as I don't want to ruin the wheel pants.

The geometry on the Aileron Connectors, the rod that connects the lower and upper ailerons, is poorly designed. There is a slight angle and the ailerons on a side don't move the same amount. The stock rods were not long enough, so when I built here I made new ones. One had come out about 8mm short, so I today I lengthened it. She flies just fine with the geometry being off, and will be better now that the port ailerons are aligned.

Horizon Hobby/Spektum is letting me send the two Alpha 6's in for warranty. One was my original, the other the replacement Horizon sent me. While I would like at least one to be returned functional, I think they should fix both since I have had nothing but failure with them... We'll see.

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