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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Deceiving Winds

Its a calm day, today, except when its not. Beautiful skies, hot temps, calm but the gusts are fast and variable. One moment nothing, then a huge gust. The calm periods are long, but sometimes so were the gusts.

I went out to Joppa Hill today because I just wanted to fly, and I didn't want to drive half an hour just to find out its too windy on Hudson Hill or no body else was present at Misfits. The grass was fine, a bit thick making the lumps less to deal with, hard on the wheels still, but I was okay with that. I took her up in a calm spell and immediately she got beat up. Worked her around, but she was getting tossed, which is a lot for a big 30cc plane. I landed her with some effort as the gusts shifted South headwind-North tailwind-West crosswind, and no damage was done. That was it, no fun, didn't want to persist. I was thinking of going out to Misfits as I've learned a few guys will be out there, but I am not sure the winds will be any better. We'll see. Its already 3:15p.

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