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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Back to a 3-Blade on the Sukhoi SU-26

I decided to put a 3-blade on the Sukhoi for more thrust, and I have no idea why but I went with a 15 inch this time, instead of stepping down. I think I just wanted a bigger prop, but I think this is a mistake. Maybe should have gone 14...  The RCGF is rated for nothing bigger than 14x6. She had a Master Airscrew Scimitar 14x8 and flies fine. I like the thrust with the 3 blades, the look and the quieter sound.  I put a 13x8x3 Master Airscrew 3-Blade on the Stik, again, same engine, and she runs fine as that's a reliable combo. I believe that is the best size for the 3 blade on these engines. I think I am going to regret the 15 and will want to try a 14. If either works, I'm putting the same thing on the Stik.  I wish Master Airscrew also did spinners for their props, as I always have to open up the Du-Bro 3-blade spinners.

Painted the tips. Wrong red, and the red stripe is a mm too thin. Went wider and darker on the 3-Blade I also painted that is going on the Stick. Hope they are balanced... After lunch I may static test her.

UPDATE:  Waaaay too much prop. Poor little engine that couldn't. The 15x7x3 bogged her down. Lost 200 rpm, and she was wicked slow to accelerate, eventually couldn't. I wasn't able to tune any of that out, but then I knew it was too much. Put the Master Airscrew 13x8x3 back on and she runs perfectly, quietly, and with power. There it is... Now I need to order another one for the Stik.

Tuned the engine back to maximize performance with the 13x8x3.

Cowl back on, ready to fly!

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