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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Solid flight, solid flier.

It kept calling so I finally gave is and headed back to Joppa Field with the Big Stick 10cc. Started her up and had to re-tune her as the idle, set fine last time in the garage, was running very high. Played with the low throttle servo limit and the needles. Same gambit of low acceptable idle would stall if running half throttle and cut to idle, try to if pulling back from full. When pulled to idle it dips briefly and rebounds to idle. If it dips too far she quits. Found a nice balance where the idle and the needles are all happy, though the idle is still a tad high. The engine runs a bit rich in the mid range and maybe a little at full throttle but leaning out the high drops the rpm, and she needs all she can get. She flies solid, is so incredibly stable on landing, but loses velocity in vertical. She flies sport just fine, is fast, but lacks power. A 15cc motor would do well on her. I flew for a tank and a half to an audience of a family that I then invited down from the parking lot for show, touch and tell. The kids loved it! I put her through some simple aerobatics and when he called out hoping to see her land I brought her down for a sweet one. She comes in on rails!

I love this plane! With some more time she will be very predictable.

The engine running for 7 seconds. Doesn't sound too bad for a gasser.

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