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Monday, September 26, 2016


Perfect maiden weather.

I took the VQ Models P-51 Mustang that I finished rebuilding months ago out for a first flight. OMG, what a flier! Power! Grace! Control! Balance! Speed! Acrobatic! Stable! Flying 6S she was an absolute pleasure from takeoff, to the lack of any trim needed, into advanced spins, rolls, inverted flight! Everything works! Landing gear go up, go down, do up and down again!

Brought her down in a Bahgdad Spiral and lined her up for a landing. She comes in with a lot of speed, we'll bleed some off in level flight a foot off the ground.

BAM! Right into the fucking soccer goal. Are you f%*#ing kidding me?

She needs a new wing, replace two prop blades, replace the landing gear, that's it. Fuse is without a blemish.  Two warbird maidens, two amazing first flights, two bad crashes.

I've emailed VQ Models to see if they can help me find a replacemrnt wing. This model has been discontinued...

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  1. Ken.. if its there we will hit it. Its like these things have magnets to attract models! I seem to recall commenting a similar anecdote about the old WW2 airfield I used to fly at with a monument at the end of the runway :-)