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Monday, September 26, 2016

Trex 600 EFL Pro Build Update

An update on the Trex 600 EFL. The pinion for the motor came in from AMainhobbies a couple of days ago, so I installed it and the motor back then. Servos have been in a few days before that. Today I finished up the elevator transfer mechanism, the entire tube driven tail assembly, the main rotor and the main gear installation including the control rods for the swash.  All that is left are the electronics including setting up the Spektrum-BeastX FBL system, and the tail stays.

Servos in.

Almost done!

Earlier I took the Trex 600e and the Trex 500(HK) and the Frankenheli 450 out. 

The 600 still has a tracking problem I could not fix. I think its the feathering shaft or bad dampers, so I will replace them and see how she tracks then. I flew a couple of figure 8s and decided to drop the expo to 25.

The 500 has a BeastX on it. When I had the 4 blade head on her she pretzeled herself just starting her up. This time her head spun up fine but when it got up to full speed the disk went uncommanded hard right roll. I was ready for it expecting something wacky, but still broke a blade.  Need to figure that out.

The 450 has a persistent inconsistent ESC problem. Got the continuous-beeps-of-death. Will replace the ESC and try again.

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