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Sunday, June 11, 2017

I knew it could...

I was having problems getting the usually reliable RCGF 10cc to run when I went out to Hudson the other day. I knew that it could run the 13x8x3, and now that it wasn't I was determined to get it to.

I took the engine off The Stik this morning, removed and completely took apart ths carb, from Hi-Lo needles, to metering needle and its lever, cleaned and adjusted everything, using GumOut and WD40. Removed and cleaned the butterfly in the fuel intake to the cylinder, cleaned the flapper valves in the Walboro carb, I cleaned the piston shaft and the cylinder, I cleaned the spark.

I set the needles about 2-3 turns out and she started up after spitting out the WD40. Tuned her in a few minutes and now she runs smooth and sweet! I did have to move the low throttle end point down to 22% (last time it ran well it was 35%). I had to work the low end to keep an odd thing from happening, I have noticed, maybe just this engine, but if I run for a few seconds at half throttle, then pull quick to idle, she would slow, stutter and stop, even thoguh the Hi and Lo needles were set. If I set the idle a little higher with endpoints, moving it from 35 to 22% in this case, she would not stutter, and if she did would return to idle no ptoblem. I had to work this end point down to find a nice medium. The idle is  a bit fast for paved, but grass will be no problem.

Too gusty to fly now, work for three days, then house closing, so it will be some time until I can fly again... When I can, Das Stik is going up!

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