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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tru-Turn Spinner. Oh my...

Is this not something else?

I worked with Wendy at Tru-Turn to get the right adapter and spinner for my RCGF 10cc engine on the Stick. Wendy helped me by checking which adapter would fit, and pointing me to the right spinners.  Thanks, Wendy!  I got a TTH-1250-A 1-1/4" A-Style Prop Hub, and a TT-0140-A 1/4-28 W/1/4" Adapter Kit for the RCGF 10cc. Fit perfectly, of course.

I have always wanted to put a bullet spinner on her. I have a Tru-Turn spinner on the 26cc Waco that I bought last year. These spinners, while not inexpensive, are worth every single penny.  I had to trim about 1/4" off the spinner screw, but that ain't no thang.

Would ya look at that?

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