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Thursday, June 1, 2017

HK EPP Sbach rises!

Its been a productive couple of days. Winds kept me from flying, moving preps kept me busy, but I finished rebuilding the EPP Sbach! She looks pretty good. Close up she has some scars, but really I am glad that I rebuilt her.

I noticed a few things. I had to replace the plastic control arms on the elevator and rudder. They were stripped, and the elevator servo was acting the fool. I wonder if these two things caused the crash? I installed a Spektrum AR600 rwciver I have and it burnt out two replacement servos before I realized what was going on. Threw it out. With the servo and horn issues as possible causes for the crash, not wanting to throw awya $25, and now lacking a reciever, I dug the HK Orange 3-axis Stabikizer-DSM2 reciever out of the trash and installed it. I also noticed that the gain settings on this reciver were way too high. WTF? I installed it, reset everything, retested the responses and dialed the gains down to a bit more than 50%. Everytning seems fine!

Ths spinner is wobbly. The prop shaft is true, and the blade is true, but the spinner back plate is wobbly. I may change it out before I fly her.

Set the reciever a bit aft of the carbon fiber wing tube to minimize signal blocking. I wanted the antenna pointing aft to prevent the battery from blocking the signal.

Before painting the black. I used a water based brush on paint.

All done and pretty!

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