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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trex 500 4 Blade Heli Flight Ready

The front tail power take-off gear came in today from Heli-Direct, and I installed it easily. Another fast shipper, helps they are down the road in Boston. I programmed the BeastX for the 4 Blade head, almost entirely spot on, small adjustment for pitch (set it for 11 degrees). I spun her up without the main blades and found a tremendous high frequency tail boom vibration at all speeds. I took the tail blades off, smooth as silk. I checked the blade weights and they were unbalanced by 0.3 gm. Fixed that so they match weight at 4 gm, reinstalled, and now at low speed they were smooth, but at high they vibrated again. This was affecting the gyro. I exchanged the fiberglass ones for plastic ones I have and they were balanced at 4 gm each. Spun her up, smooth as silk through the whole range, tossed the old ones. I had balanced the main blades against the heaviset one and each pair was pretty close, but each pair was quite different from each other. I used electric tape and they all match, but it took a lot of tape...

I am not sure I will keep the wheelie gear. I did lock them so they don't spring (that was very cool, but worsened ground stability).  Much better, but still a little tippy.  I am hoping she flies better than she did the other day...

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