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Friday, August 5, 2016

Too rich... go figure.

The Boys from SNHFERCC answered my FB post about why my 10cc gasser is so covered with oil. In fact, both 10cc planes. I dont think its a problem with the 30cc. They suggested better oils and that I might be running too rich. I suspected this, but wasn't sure because it seemed to be where the needles neede to be. I know I am way too many turns past factory for them not to be.

Well, the engine on the Big Stik quit in the air the other day and I dead sticked her to a sweet three pointer. I could not get her to start, then she would start, but not run, and then not start. I have been suspicious of the CDI (ignition) since it went skinny dipping, so had bought a new RCGF one from Hobby King (best price). I checked the spark, there was one, but unreliable. The fuel delivery system was clean, and as much of a pain as it was, I even removed the tank and pulled the clunk to make sure. I replaced thw CDI, and not only does she start and run, she runs smoother. I took the needles back to factory and got her running perfectly after a few tries and found I had been running waaaaay too rich. I had been out abour 4 or more turns, and now was at about 2-3 (factory is 1-1/2 or so). She would run well at all ranges, but if I went from half throttle to idle she would occasionally stall. Now that problem is gone too with the spot on tuning. Idle reamis a bit high, but any lower and she will stall (it dips when brought briskly back to idle if she had been running at one setting for a few seconds. A little high idle lets her do this without stalling and doesnt produce much thrust if any).

After tuning I put my hand under the muffler at differnt throttle settings while running... no oil. Sweet.

Can't wait to get her back in the air!

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