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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fly bar parts departed the aircraft...

The parts I ordered from Medusa Heli and AMainHobbies arrived as if they had been transported like on Star Trek. I ordered them, I turned around and there they were. I LOVE THAT! I think I need to put them on the preferred vendors list.

I installed the torque tube and the front gear power take-off, and the boom stays, then installed the entire assembly into the frame. Blades off I spun it up. Works fine, but there was some vibration, and I stared at the flybar. It was a bit off, tracking kinda weird. I noticed too that there was a slight wobble to the main shaft: it needed replacing. I uninstalled it, and as I pulled the top Jesus bolt, I noticed that a bearing and a collared screw were missing from the flybar cage. This isn't an easy fix... I need two specific parts: a cuffed bearing and a collared screw.

See that big gaping hole? The one on the other side was still there but is loose.

The two parts I need.

I looked online and I can't find the washer. The screw is found in a bag of Trex parts that costs $27, and I only need one screw from the entire pack... That's an expensive screw.  If I can't find this I am not sure what I am going to do...

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